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Rabu, 25 Agustus 2010


   REFLEXOLOGY BY I Nyoman Sudana
is a intuitive channelers who focus upon the blood, energy and sinews of the body and the blocks within it. like reflexologist they focus upon the feet, prodding and kneading as they read the corresponding centres of pain trapped in the body above.
Rp. 200.000
Open daily: 04:00 PM - 21:00 PM
    Sunday : 09:00 AM - 21:00 PM

* Balinese Massage (60 minutes)
This full-body massage is a unique combination of traditional balinese technique, acupressure and muscle   manipulation in harmonious movement.
Rp. 100.000

* Foot Massage (30 minutes)
Relaxing massage focus on your feet and lower legs with long stroke movement to relax and restore blood circulation.
Rp. 50.000

* Neck and Shoulder Massage (30 minutes)
This massage is specially concentrated on back, neck and shoulder to relieve tension and reduce stress from daily activities.
Rp. 50.000

* Facial (60 minutes)
The concept of the western facial and its ritual process of toning and scrubbing has no roots in tropical asian culture. our facial combines fresh garden ingredients with natural indonesian skin care products.
Rp. 75.000

* Nail treatment :
- manicure (30 minutes)
This treatment includes shaping your nails, trimming your cuticles, gentle massaging your hand followed by a soothing arm & hand massage.
          - no polish                   Rp. 50.000
          - with polish                 Rp. 60.000
          - with polish & design  Rp. 75.000

- Pedicure (30 minutes)
Enjoy a soothing foot soak, nail & cuticle care, followed by a relaxing foot and lower leg massage.
          - no polish                   Rp.50.000
          - with polish                 Rp. 60.000
          - with polish & design  Rp. 75.000

Open Daily : 09:00AM - 21:00 PM


2 standard rooms with facilities: 
- breakfast
- double bed
- fan
- kitchen
- private balcony
Well appointed guest room furnished with quality and imagination in typical balinese village setting.
All rooms are decorated with indonesian artifacts and replete with modern amenities.